They’re Not Just Dogs, They’re Superdogs!

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “a dog is man’s best friend.” If you’ve ever wondered why that is, there are probably too many reasons to name. Dogs are not just loyal. They are not just good at playing catch or bringing the frisbee back to you.

They are astonishing creatures and can do things that you probably never thought they would be able to do. Here are just some of the things dogs can do that make them the greatest animals on earth (sorry, cat lovers).

Dogs Can Handle Your Money

Dogs already have a reputation for leading blind and handicapped people wherever they need to go. One amazing dog, known as Byron, takes that to a whole new level! He helps his disabled owner, Kate Cross, with a number of things she needs in her daily life. Remarkably, this clever dog can even use a bank card to take money out of an ATM cash machine for his owner! Although Kate is in a wheelchair due to a serious disease, she can still live a normal life with Byron’s help.

Dogs Can See In Color

That’s right. We are finally putting the age-old myth to bed. Dogs are NOT colorblind! They can see color, just not as well as their human counterparts. They do have on us humans their ability to see in dark or low-lit rooms.

Breeding Machines

Did you know that two dogs, if not spayed and neutered, can mate and produce over 10,000 dogs in just one single year?! With professional breeders regulating the amount of mating and reproduction, this high number is rarely, if ever, reached. Still, that’s quite a remarkable amount of little pups to have in such a short time span.

Super Noses

Most of us know that dogs have an excellent sense of smell. You may not have known that their noses can smell over 100,000 times better than the human nose! This more than likely has developed to compensate for their subpar vision, which would have left them at an evolutionary disadvantage if it weren’t for their remarkable sense of smell.

Remarkable Speed

Okay, so not all dogs will break the canine sound barrier; for instance, little toy dogs probably couldn’t outrun a toddler. However, did you know that some dogs such as Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour!? While this breed is the fastest of all dogs, others can reach pretty impressive speeds as well.

They Can See a Seizure Coming Before It Happens

Have you ever seen someone having a seizure? Were they in a safe place? People who have seizures regularly know how unpredictable they can be, making these experiences frightening and dangerous. A great organization in the United Kingdom helps train dogs to detect seizures in epileptic patients before they actually occur. This gives those with epilepsy the opportunity to be psychologically ready and a chance to go somewhere safe so that they don’t get injured. This makes seizures much less traumatic.

Dogs Can Do Math

If you can’t answer that math question, maybe your dog can! Instead of telling your teacher that your dog ate your homework, maybe your dog can help you. A number of dog owners have reported that their dogs can do the math. In Montana, a labrador named Beau solves math problems in exchange for treats. This talented dog not only adds and subtracts numbers, but he also has the capacity to find the square root of a number. Who needs to hire a math tutor when you have an astounding dog who can help you with your homework?

As you can see, dogs are capable of some pretty amazing feats. If they weren’t already your favorite animal, hopefully now you can at least see why their owners love them so dearly.

About Jesse Wren

I started keeping pets as a hobby at 12 years old- with help from my father. I was instantly hooked by the beauty and diversity of these amazing animals, from their loyalty, awesomeness to their feeding habits. In the years that followed, I have developed an expertise in caring for puppies and adult dogs alike through trial-and-error and extensive research into how to keep them happy and healthy. I would like to share my knowledge with you through this blog - please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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